Kyree Harvey

Over the past decade, Kyree Harvey has created a loving social media empire. She is known for supporting small businesses, showing us her life hacks and has taken us on a journey through all her ever-changing seasons.

Miss Kyree Loves started as a creative outlet and transformed into a thriving, honest brand. Her loyal community and online family, flourishes every year.

Kyree now has something of her very own to share with you, magical children's books that will inspire the next generation.




Warm Fuzzies Stopped The Tears

My daughter was so sad to go to school today. I told her I packed her a special card in her lunch box and when she opens it up, she'll feel like mummy is giving her a giant hug and her tears stopped! thank you for creating such a beautiful product. We love our Warm Fuzzies.

Jess - Complete St Co

Totally Worth The Wait

Well done on the book. Ours arrived today and was worth the wait. My daughter starts school next week and was perfect timing. I waited until bedtime to give it to her as that's when we read stories. She loves the book so much, her little face lit up when she found the stickers. She asked if she could give them to her friends. It was totally adorable. Honestly such a beautiful book. The attention to detail is just incredible.


I Gasped At The Books Beauty

Even after seeing all the regular updates and sneak peeks of your book, I still gasped when I saw how beautiful the front cover was and the story itself. So wonderful. Such a special time sitting down and reading it with my daughter. To hear her say the magical words with growing confidence and conviction each time is amazing. Thank you for bringing the book into our lives.

Jen Mc

A Very Relatable Book

My daughter LOVES the Alaska book. Especially the page where her bunnies foot came off. She kept saying "mum her mummy fixed pink bunny like you did oh my gosh". Really loved the cards and stickers in the back, such a special touch. Should be very proud of such a gorgeous book.

Serena P.

My Two Year Old Adores The Book

My daughter is 2 and was so excited for the postman. I thought it would be too old for her but we've already read it three times. I heard my husband reading it before bed too. As soon as I started reading the book she repeated the magical words back to me. It's such a beautiful book.

Holly Page.