Miss Kyree Loves

Over the past decade, Kyree Harvey has created a loving social media empire. She is known for supporting small businesses, showing us her life hacks and has taken us on a journey through all her ever-changing seasons.

Miss Kyree Loves started as a creative outlet and transformed into a thriving honest brand. Her loyal community and online family flourishes every year.

Kyree shares all the treasures she finds and loves on her platforms (with a sneaky discount of course).

Kyree now has something magical to share with you, her loving family and community. A magical children’s book she can truly call her own. 

Alaska And Her Magical Words

Kyree now has something magical to share with you, her loving community. A magical book she can truly call her own. 

Our Vision

It all started with Granny-Moo and her incredible influence (that’s Kyree’s mummy for those new following along). Granny-Moo started teaching Alaska positive affirmations when she was two years old. Ever since then, she’s become so familiar with the words that they’ve become apart of her daily routine and now really are her super power. 
Kyree is often asked how to get their kids reciting the same affirmations as Alaska. So now with the help of her new book Alaska and her magical words, children all around the world will be able to have the same super power too. They can read along this beautiful story, recognise all the scenarios in the story line and be able to start implementing a positive mind set with new relatable affirmations. 

But Why Affirmations?

Teaching positive thoughts encourage acts of kindness towards themselves.  Practicing affirmations daily can build resilience, encourage a healthy self esteem and most importantly self love. The younger our children learn positive affirmations, the more chance there is of them creating a self belief, that will stay with them through their whole life. 
Nurturing our children to empower their minds to deal with their emotions, will support them in making healthy choices as they are confronted with bigger challenges. Affirmations are a magical way to find inner peace. They can bring a childs imagination to life, filling up their heart with happiness.

The special cards are hidden inside the book.

There is a secret envelope compartment where you’ll find a set of affirmation cards. As you’re reading along, you can pull out these cards and hold them up high when you hear the words being said in the book. You can also take these cards with you through out the day, keep them close to you, in case you need a positive reminder that you too, have a magical superpower. 

Our Values

We want all children all over the world to be surrounded by positive affirmations. But we want them to have a deeper understanding of each affirmation, and relate to each saying to their own day to day life. To be able to visualise in the story what Alaska does with her affirmations, will help other children understand the meaning of each affirmation and visualise using them also.

Kyree is super passionate about supporting small businesses and her dream is to see this children’s book being sold in the windows of smaller boutiques, across Australia and eventually the world.